How can SOA Development Improve your Business

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Thus by using SOA development, the companies can void the problem faced while upgrading their inherited old fashioned systems to meet the current business requirements and thus easily upgrading their IT infrastructure. Yet, there are still problems faced by SOA development which is mainly due to insufficient knowledge abut SOA. The IT professionals are mostly not able to convince their higher officials about the advantages of SOA development and the intensity of business development from it. Also the higher officials fail to recognize the changes and advancements that can be brought about by a better IT system.

At this point, the IT technicians can convince the management by creating a good picture on how SOA development can improve the value of the business, the changes that it can bring about to the basic technology, how the business can keep up with the trends and also the low cost efficiency of SOA development.

Due to the prompt changes taking place in the businesses sector, it has become very crucial for to respond quickly to the changes. IT infrastructures which have been badly designed are very much cost consuming. If any changes are to be made to the system integration, then it becomes very difficult. The time and cost factor required for this makes it tiresome. A wrongly configured system will not be able to maintain the integrity of the system. Loss and spread of data are the commonly faced issues in such a case. Such bad integration systems also face the problem of higher maintenance costs. The system will also be less user friendly and chances are high that the users will reject the system in due time.

There are many companies out there who are able to give businesses world class SOA solutions which will ultimately lead to the betterment of the business as a whole.

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Oracle BRM

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Oracle BRM is a leading solution for communications service providers. Oracle’s communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) can bill and manage al communications services and today it is first end to end packaged enterprise software for communications.

Some Oracle BRM applications:

  • customer center
  • pricing center
  • web server
  • billing application
  • collections center
  • permissioning center

Bussines process features:

  • triggers external systems
  • modifies portal behavior through business policies, that can be customized
  • validates data from applications
  • implements portal system functionality

Oracle BRM is designed to integrate with solutions:

  • AIA 2.4
  • Siebel CRM
  • E-Business Suite
  • Oracle BI Publisher

History of the SOA

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Since the late 80s, companies have developed an increasingly heterogeneous and decentralized IT environment, This has generated some advantages, such as speed and reliability, regarding the handling of processes;. However, it has also created new problems, such as redundant data storage, data synchronization, and opposed process integration. In software, this was reflected in new abstractions, such as sockets, remote procedure against / Function Calls (RPC / RFC), and CORBA which distribute an application across a heterogeneous IT environment. The corporate world created promising opportunities for the development of generic platforms and products, such as J2EE, or DCOM / .NET. These are able to exchange data over the TCP / IP infrastructure to handle the Internet.

Today, service-oriented architectures in the context of Web services (SOA development, SOA consulting) function as managers in the IT world, and are the predominant applications in the current IT infrastructure.

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